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This web page provides you with an overview of online learning tools focusing on the topic of sustainability

E-Learning, Online Courses:

  • edX: one of the biggest platforms - free, cost for certificates of completion - Homepage

  • Google Sustainability Tools

  • coursera: online training platform - Homepage

  • LinkedIn: training for professionals - Homepage

  • Ellen McArthur Foundation: Courses on Circular Economy - partly free - Homepage

  • Udemy: big online learning platform - Homepage

  • Sustainability Academy: platform focused on education in sustainability - Homepage

  • The Natural Step: Introduction to the Natural Step methodology - Homepage

  • SustainOnline: solution for companies - Homepage

Our team is committed to promote sustainability via e-learning and the usage of smartphone apps. Let us know in case you'd like to appear on this list.

Green Smartphone Apps:


recommends: JouleBug, NoWaste, Too Good To Go, Olio, HappyCow, FarmDrop, Good On You, Ecosia, Air Quality By Plume


recommends: Light Bulb Finder, Good Guide, Seafood Watch, iRecycle, greenMeter


recommends:​ Gro Memo, Green Me!, Green Genie, Eco-Dice, Water1Der, Avego, Paper Karma, Eco Action Trumps

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